How Smolio develops anonymous leads from the WordPress website into paying customers with its automated lead management funnel.

Importance of automated lead management for Smolio

Lead management and tracking play a crucial role in Smolio‘s online marketing. Thanks to it, prospects are acquired and successfully converted into customers. While the two founders go about their daily work.

In this customer case, we take a look at Smolio, a small company that has successfully built an automated sales funnel with the help of Aivie and WordPress.

Why Smolio uses Aivie

Aivie makes it possible to identify leads on the website and gradually convert them into customers. What’s more, it offers unbeatable value for money and the data is stored in Switzerland. This creates security for the founders and trust among customers.

The Smolio use case in figures

Thanks to a well thought-out strategy and the use of marketing automation with Aivie Marketing Automation and WordPress, Smolio has managed to create a fully automated sales funnel. This now generates measurable success.

IndustryKnowledge transfer / Financial literacy / Coaching
Company size2 Employees
SolutionAivie Pro
ServicesNurturing campaign use case package
Nurturing e-mailsOpen rate: 46% to 79%
Click rate: 22% to 100%
Deregistrations: 0%-5%
Sales e-mailsOpening rate: 60% to 70%
Click rate: 17% to 40%
Deregistrations: 0%

The sales emails sent (per month) achieve a click rate of between 17% and 40%

email statistics send read kpi smolio

What does Smolio do

Smolio makes financial knowledge easily accessible. Their aim is for everyone to be able to make their own financial decisions and benefit from the capital market. They also show ways to optimize finances and thus offer an independent alternative in the complex world of finance. The team of financial enthusiasts at Smolio has a clear goal: more financial independence for everyone!

The Smolio team shares its knowledge with free knowledge articles. Interested contacts can book an individual coaching session.

The Smolio Sales Funnel gradually develops visitors from leads to customers

Step 1: Leads on the blog landing page

Smolio uses an SEO strategy to guide visitors to articles and landing pages created with WordPress and thus generate relevant leads.

Step 2: Dynamic call-to-action for the lead magnet

Smolio uses personalized call-to-action elements (such as “How much is your pension?”) within the knowledge articles to target visitors. These arouse interest and direct visitors to the appropriate lead magnet.

If the visitor is already a lead, a suitable entry-level product (low-margin) is recommended instead.

Step 3: The lead magnet – pension calculator

The Lead Magnet from Smolio is a useful pension calculator. With just a few clicks, visitors can see how much pension they will receive when they retire. This provides enough value for visitors to be willing to provide their contact details.

Step 4: Conversion and data collection

The pension calculator not only provides added value for visitors, but also converts them into new leads. Important data is also collected during the process.

Step 5: Nurturing over six months

Smolio is aware that not all leads are immediately ready to become customers. The company therefore relies on a long-term belt ring process. Over a period of up to six months, the leads receive content that is of interest to them and that they have (unconsciously) selected.

Step 6: Personalized sales pitch

After scoring the lead interactions, Smolio identifies the optimal time for the sales pitch. This is automated, but on a personal level and is perfectly tailored to the needs of the potential customer.

Personalized lead nurturing develops contacts further

Nurturing marketing automation campaign Smolio WordPress

Nurturing means the automated maintenance and support of leads with relevant content in order to develop them into qualified buyers along their customer journey.

By using Aivie in combination with WordPress, Smolio has set up a highly personalized nurturing approach that makes it possible to precisely capture the interests and needs of contacts and then send them tailor-made content by email.

The key to this successful process lies in Aivie’s ability to measure and analyze the interest of contacts in different content. With the help of user behavior, click behavior and other interaction data, Aivie can find out which content appeals most to contacts and what added value they are looking for.

Personalized content, instead of a WordPress contact form

With Aivie, Smolio can integrate dynamic content on the WordPress website in order to play out relevant and thus personalized messages for the visitor based on the contact characteristics.

Various content is created in Aivie and rules are defined for playout according to the contact attributes. With a WordPress shortcode, this dynamic content is integrated at the desired location on the website. In this way, visitors to Smolio receive customized calls to action that appeal to their interests and promote customer loyalty.

Tracking contacts on the WordPress website

Reliable tracking of interactions with the company is crucial for a successful sales funnel. In addition to e-mail interactions, measuring visitor behavior on the website is even more important, as it allows you to determine the current interest of contacts in making a purchase.

For example, Smolio uses tracking to recognize whether contacts are looking at products in the e-commerce store and awards points in the lead score accordingly.

An increased lead score then automatically triggers a sales email to target the lead at the right moment.

This effective combination of tracking and automated sales emails enables marketing managers to successfully optimize the sales funnel and increase the conversion rate.

Careful handling is crucial when tracking sensitive data in particular. It is therefore a great advantage that Aivie stores the data in Switzerland and only on behalf of Smolio. The data sovereignty therefore remains with Smolio.

aivie marketing automatin lokaler support adrian schimpf

At Smolio, I was looking for a way to set up a digital sales funnel without having to send my data abroad and at the same time becoming dependent on one provider. As Smolio is a start-up, costs are also an important issue.

After lengthy research, I was unable to find a solution that would meet these criteria, so I decided to do it myself and serve the market. So I founded Aivie.

Adrian Schimpf

Conclusion on marketing automation with WordPress

Contacts are entered directly into the CRM using an attractive lead magnet. Leads are continuously developed into customers with the help of a digital sales funnel and targeted nurturing. The Smolio website displays personalized content to ensure a dynamic customer approach. Effective call-to-action elements are used to gradually develop leads so that anonymous website visitors become long-term customers. This is made possible by the combination of WordPress and the Swiss marketing automation tool Aivie.

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