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Dynamic Content offers you the opportunity to personalize your website and emails with dynamic content for your customers. In this article, you will learn how you can use dynamic content as a call to action on your website or as a dynamic element in your email.

With Aivie, you can automate various marketing processes and, above all, personalize them automatically.

Dynamic content as a personalized call to action

With marketing automation, you can automate various marketing processes and, above all, personalize them automatically. Aivie enables you to play out personalized messages according to defined criteria with dynamic content. This allows you to use dynamic content and websites to address your customers in a personalized way. For this purpose, various contents are created in Aivie and the rules for playing them are defined according to the properties of a contact.

A code snippet is stored at the desired location on the website. Dynamic content is displayed above it. For example, visitors to the financial blog smolio.ch receive different prompts based on their individual profile. With Aivie, you can therefore adapt the CTA to the phases of your marketing funnel.

Dynamic content in e-mails

Aivie’s E-Mail Builder is equipped with more dynamic elements than the Mautic technology. You can create reusable content elements with Aivie and use them in different emails.

This saves you having to send different versions of emails and update them in different places. Typical examples are personalized contact options or data that needs to be kept up to date. You can find our best practice tips for your emails here.

Dynamic websites with emotional intelligence

Aivie is linked to your website and allows dynamic content to be displayed.

Together with our partner Neeed and our own WordPress plugin, we also make websites dynamic for anonymous visitors. The content adapts to the user’s behavior during the visit. Depending on your preference, more videos, more images or more text are displayed.

We design the setup of the website with the plugin and the link to Aivie.

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