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The marketing automation tool Aivie.

Automating your marketing will not only save you time and money. Your customers will also benefit from tailored offers and personalised content. Aivie is your complete and flexible marketing automation tool for a successful customer interaction.

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Successful marketing. Fully automated.

Be it newsletters, lead generation or campaign management: digital marketing is a complex matter. Therefore, it is even more important that a marketing automation solution is not only simple, but also flexible. Aivie Marketing Automation offers you both. And much more.

Complete solution

Aivie is a powerful, complete marketing automation solution and can be implemented instantly. Including personalised design, automated campaigns, tracking and lead scoring.

Flexible integratable

Thanks to open source technology, Aivie can be integrated seamlessly into your tools infrastructure and its functionality can be extensively expanded, thanks to numerous plug-ins and interfaces.

Reliable & secure

Aivie uses local, certified servers. We are hosting securely and data protection compliant in Europe, Switzerland or your preferred region.

All leads at a glance.
All Data under control.

Aivie is based on the globally used marketing automation technology Mautic and combines the advantages of open source with the convenience of a SaaS solution. With Aivie you can automate, control and measure your marketing processes across all channels. Stay in control of your processes and data. 

  • One for all
    Aivie bundles all marketing processes and customer data in one place. Detailed analyses and reports offer you a 360° customer view.
  • Ready for immediate use
    Our best practice setup includes ready-made templates in your corporate design. Your customers have a consistent brand experience from the very first moment.
  • Grow and scale
    Your company is growing? Then Aivie simply grows with you. Thanks to open source technology, the entire system can be flexibly integrated and expanded.
  • Personalization at the touch of a button
    Predefined campaign logics help you address your customers more precisely and personally. You can easily integrate new campaign structures at the push of a button.
  • Experts Community
    Aivie is backed by experienced experts and a network of specialists. They permanently develop the tool further and support you in the implementation of your marketing goals.
  • Data protection & data sovereignty
    With Aivie, data sovereignty stays where it belongs: with you. You have full control over your data and thus create the basis for a sustainable data strategy.

One tool for efficient and personalised customer interactions: This is Aivie.

Happy customers working with Aivie.

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“With Aivie, we’ve been able to segment our contacts to share only the relevant information for that one segment.”

Iara-Safira Do Amaral, Falcone

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