Smarter in marketing with smart reporting.

Here you can see immediately what works and what does not. With marketing reporting, you optimize your messages and Campaignfor better performance.

Marketing Reporting - Aivie Marketing Automation

Measure your success.

Easily get an overview of your marketing performance across Campaignand different channels

  • Making performance visible
  • Set course for success
  • Achieve more impact
Marketing Automation Reporting

Customer Lifetime Value.

Determine the value of your customers and optimize the entire customer journey. Segment your contacts automatically and create a progressive profile.

Cross-Channel Reports.

You can track your anonymous and identified contacts across all your channels at any time. This way you can see exactly which messages are received on which channels.

Marketing Automation Reporting
Tracking - Aivie Marketing Automation

Track contacts in the funnel.

You know who is where at all times. Marketing reporting for better forecasting and planning of personalized marketing activities.

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Get transparent marketing reports.

Make your performance visible.

Our reporting helps you easily identify which messages and Campaignare working. Use this knowledge to boost your performance.