Sophie Hundertmark presents at the workshop

Generative AI Pilot in Customer Service and Marketing

Want to run a pilot with Generative AI at your team or company?
But you don’t know where to start, the risks are too high, or the internal compliance paths too long?

Get the knowledge and launch your Generative AI Pilot in no time. We organize everything from the kickoff workshop, to project support, to the tool.

And all in a “protected” setting – separate from your core business and customer base data.

The results of your Generative Ai pilot

  • Knowledge was built
  • Use cases were identified and prioritized
  • Pilot is live
  • Real experience was gained
  • The basis for strategic decisions has been created.

What is Generative AI?

Generative AI (oder Generative KI) bezieht sich auf besondere Computerprogramme, die lernen können, wie man Dinge wie Texte, Bilder oder andere Informationen erschafft, die denen ähneln, die sie zuvor gesehen haben.

Das Programm schaut sich selbständig viele Beispiele an, um daraus zu lernen, wie es diese Dinge selber machen kann. So kann das Programm zum Beispiel Texte schreiben oder Bilder malen, so wie wenn es von einem Menschen gemacht wurde.

Generate images with Generative AI

Some famous examples of image generation are DALL-E from Open AI and DeepDream from Google.

In DeepDream, a generative model was trained to analyze images and alter them in interesting and often psychedelic ways.

The results are often intriguing and surreal as the model reinforces patterns and shapes in the images learned during training.

Generate texts with Generative AI

Generative AI models such as GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) are also prominent.

You can write text that sounds human-like and can be used in many applications, from automated writing to text translation support.

In the marketing world, AI models like ChatGPT could be used to generate personalized advertising content or product descriptions based on customers’ individual preferences.

Double Opt-In

Three steps to the first Generative AI Use Case

In a workshop, we identify suitable use cases, implement them with the help of the Aivie Hub, accompany you during the three-month test and then evaluate the integration of the pilot into the core business.

Step 1: Workshop

In the first workshop we will identify use cases where you want to benefit from Generative AI and where you want to collect first learnings.

Step 2: Apply

Then we implement this use case for you with the Aivie tool. Afterwards, you can test and optimize the use case for three months with our support.

We use Aivie’s privacy-compliant and Swiss-hosted solution as a starting point. From here, we tie into the channels and services where you want to use Generative AI.

The special feature: The pilot runs in a parallel world, so to speak, in a protected framework, independent of your core systems.

Step 3: Evaluate

After these three months, a retroperspective is used to jointly define how to proceed with the pilot and which parts of it will be transferred to operations and your core systems.

Generative AI in use

The first Swiss companies are already using Generative AI in marketing, sales and customer service.

You can find more details about Generative AI Use Cases for free in our short paper.

Get use cases

Transform your business with Generative AI

From the impulse lecture to the successful implementation, we accompany your company on the way to AI solutions.


  • Impulse lecture on the general background and opportunities of Generative AI
  • Kickoff workshop to define and prioritize your Generative AI use cases.
  • Definition of the goals to be achieved with the pilot in the Aivie Tool
  • Implementation of a Generative AI Use Case using the Aivie Hub
  • Support in the preparation of any compliance documents or data protection notices
  • Go-live with pilot in standalone environment provided by Aivie
  • Support of the pilot and software licenses during the first three months
  • Retrospective to define the continuation after the pilot

For whom is the offer suitable

Perfect for companies with no previous Generative AI experience. Z. E.g. due to internal hurdles, such as with sensitive data in the core business, but also everyone else who wants to take first steps in Generative AI.

  • Companies that want to gain experience with Generative AI but have not been able to do so so far due to internal hurdles
  • Companies with sensitive data, where the use of Generative AI in the core business would be risky
  • Companies that want to gain initial experience with Generative AI but don’t know where to start
  • NGOs and non-profit organizations that also want to benefit from Generative AI (these target groups receive the offer at special conditions)

Get to know Sophie

Sophie Hundertmark has been an independent consultant on chatbots and AI for over 6 years. She has been conducting research at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts and the University of Fribourg since 2021 and is writing her own doctoral thesis in addition to specialist books.

Meet Adrian

Adrian Schimpf is CEO and Head of Product of Aivie, the marketing automation tool from Switzerland.

He has been designing digital channels and customer interactions since 2003. For many years with the use of automation and AI.

Generative AI Pilot in Customer Service and Marketing

Thanks to the unique combination of experienced and expert guidance with the most modern and privacy-compliant AI technologies, you can gain your own practical experience in the shortest possible time without jeopardizing existing systems or processes.

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