Marketing Automation - Basics

This is how marketing automation works.

Do you want to generate more leads for your business and do it in a time-saving and sustainable way? Or simply serve your contacts better digitally? This is what marketing automation enables you to do – but how exactly does it work?

In this LinkedIn Learning course – Marketing Automation Basics – we’ll go step-by-step through designing and implementing your first marketing automation Campaign.

LinkedIn Learning Course Content

  • Digital marketing with marketing automation
  • Create a marketing automation strategy along the customer journey
  • Marketing Automation Campaigns Implementation
  • Marketing Automation Tool Evaluation
  • Create first sales funnel Campaign

Meet Adrian

Since 2003, I have been passionately dedicated to designing digital touchpoints with a clear focus on the customer experience. Since 2019, I have been busy designing effective marketing automation campaigns on a daily basis. I am also actively involved in the Mautic open source community. This passion and expertise flows equally into the projects of our valued clients and into my company Aivie.

Tools and utilities suitable for the course

I teach you all relevant frameworks with practical examples. I’ll also show you how to evaluate the tool that’s right for you. With this, you have all the tools in hand to build your first custom Marketing Automation Campaign.


Best Practice Email Templates

Create emails quickly and easily with our best practice email templates.

Marketing Automation Tools

Utility Analysis Tool Evaluation

Value and evaluate marketing automation tools with our utility analysis.

Marketing Automation Canvas Aivie Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation Canvas

Develop a strategy and tactics for your marketing automation.

Learn how marketing automation works.

Conception of your Marketing Automation Campaign.

Marketing automation allows you to generate more leads for your company in a time-saving and sustainable way.
In this LinkedIn Learning course, I’ll show you step-by-step how to design and implement your first Marketing Automation Campaign.