Our client Ferris Labs AG is an innovative software engineering company dedicated to revolutionizing how development teams work. Aivie supported Ferris Labs with the Marketing Automation Tool and Growth Marketing Services.

marketing automation service

“We have doubled the contacts,
and it surprised me,
how simply Aivie works.”

Felix Caprez

What has been a sense of achievement with Aivie?

  • We have doubled our contacts with Aivie.
  • I’m looking forward to tinkering further and finding out how we can use Aivie.
  • Aivie is a perfect match for content creation.

Aivie is not only the marketing automation platform, but especially Aivie as an organization has brought us closer to marketing and sensitized us to the topic. Today, Aivie is an important interface to the outside world for us and is extremely important for inbound and outbound communication, campaigns and maintaining contacts.

What does Ferris Labs do?

We specialize in providing integrative solutions that enable these teams to work efficiently and independently, covering the entire cycle from initial development to real-time testing and hyper-effective low-code deployment.

Ferris is built by developers for developers. Our focus is on state-of-the-art development methods and technologies:

  • Efficient and scalable micro-services and micro-integrations
  • Seamless and cross-cloud services and process integrations
  • Low-code deployment and DevOps processes
  • Event-driven software development
  • 100% mobile and infrastructure agnostic technology platform

How was the first experience?

Like a virgin to a child. I had nothing to do with it until a year ago. Then we did a WebEx series and needed a tool for it. A contact of mine then recommended Aivie to me. At first I didn’t realize what Mautic was and what Aivie was. I slowly felt my way around and also tested other tools and sought advice from HubSpot, for example. But they were so expensive that it wouldn’t have been worth it.

There was a very steep learning curve at the beginning. And I have invested a lot of time. After that, however, I quickly had a lot of fun because I had the freedom to put the tool together the way I needed it. This makes it very efficient and also reduces overheads, which is very valuable for a start-up.

Now everything is very graphical and simple. I can well imagine that it is a bit of a deterrent. But if you invest the time, the added value is definitely there.

What surprised you?

Once I understood how it works, I was surprised at how easy Aivie is to use. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to use and easy to adapt once you understand the components. You can simply expand and extend.

At first I thought you had to invest a lot of time and work. But this is only the case until you understand how it works. After that, it is easy to install and remove something.

The difficulty for me was that I don’t come from a marketing background and therefore didn’t know exactly what each term meant. Do I now need a transactional template or a marketing template? But I was able to look everything up quickly on YouTube or on Aivie itself. The support team also helped me quickly and easily.

What else do you wish for?

The only thing I would still like is to expand the experience from a visual point of view. For example, if I need a certain width in an email so that I can see what the end product looks like more quickly. But the effort and return is definitely there.

To whom/why would you recommend Aivie?

I would recommend it for the same reasons I used it. So mainly start-ups and other companies that are looking for a tool with a good price-performance ratio.

marketing automation service

“I had a lot of fun very quickly,
because I have the freedom,
to put the tool together like this,
as I need it.”

Felix Caprez

You have decided to use Aivie’s Growth Services to continuously develop your business. How did this come about and what were your experiences?

I believe in core competencies and that it is more efficient and ultimately more effective if certain tasks are outsourced to specialists. In this sense, Aivie Growth Services are very valuable to us. On the one hand, because they help us to expand our marketing and make it more professional, but also because we strengthen our own marketing skills with the Aivie services.

The Aivie Growth Marketing Services were tailored specifically to our goals and needs, which gave us a very attractive price-performance ratio. The services are a mix of best practice consulting and hands-on work on our campaigns.

Aivie is personal, approachable and professional, a combination that suits us very well as she is results-oriented.

aivie marketing automatin lokaler support adrian schimpf

Marketing Automation Service.

With our Growth Services we accompany you and your company over several months and let your digital marketing grow together. Discuss your Growth Services with Adrian.

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