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You are looking for a tool that fits your business?
Here it is.

There are plenty of marketing tools out there. The decising question is: which solution is the best fit for your business? The answer: Aivie. Because our architecture fits perfectly to all your needs and requirements.

Endless possibilities. From the first day onwards.

No matter which setup – Aivie is always the right choice. Because Aivie offers already in its Basic Setup comlpete functionality. Try it.

  • Automated campaigns
  • Personalised newsletters
  • E-Mail marketing
  • E-Mail Builder
  • Interfaces (Plugins & APIs)
  • Templates in your CI
  • Dashboard & Analytics
  • Lead Scoring
  • Segmentation & Tagging
  • Incremental profile management
  • Contact Management (CRM)
  • 360° Customer View
  • Performance Marketing
  • Website Tracking Pro
  • Web Forms Pro
  • Dynamic Web Content Pro
  • Landing page builder Pro
  • A/B Testing Pro
  • Proprietary Domain Pro

How much Aivie do you want?

Start small or go big. Why not both? As a holistic marketing automation tool based on open source, Aivie offers you the best of both worlds. Full control over all your data with the greatest possible independence and flexibility. And all that for as little as 16 CHF per month.

Aivie Lite

Newsletter optimised feature collection

  • 3 E-Mail templates in your CI
  • CRM with Lead Scoring
  • Unlimited segments
  • Double Opt-In

from CHF 16.- p.m.

Aivie Pro

Marketing Automation at Pro level

In addition to Aivie Lite:

  • 5 E-Mail templates in your CI
  • Website Forms Builder
  • Dynamic Web Content
  • Website tracking
  • Webhooks & APIs
  • Proprietary domain
  • Own campaign footer
  • Fast update of campaigns and segments

from CHF 89.- p.m.

Aivie Enterprise

Marketing Automation for top needs

In addition to Aivie Pro:

  • Own code and plug-ins
  • Integration into your infrastructure
  • Server location of choice
  • On-premise possible

Upon request

Cost effective. Powerful.

Aivie is your complete marketing automation tool offering unrestricted functionality. As an out-of-the-box solution, Aivie is ready for action straight after set-up and has everything you need for a successfull automation of your marketing on board.

  • Sustainable technology
  • Flexible use cases
  • Certified servers (ISO, FINMA, etc.)


Server location


25% discount with annual invoicing!


.– per month

«The Marketing Automation Tool Aivie allows me to communicate more efficiently, faster and more personalised.»

Sophie Hundertmark,

The shortcut to your marketing goals:
Our Best Practice Quick Starter.

Aivie allows you to create your own automated campaigns in no time – or you can simply use ours. From lead acquisition to lead qualification, we have already prepared numerous proven use cases for you.

Newsletter package

E-Mails at the right time to the right recipient – with relevant content

  • Newsletter optimised E-Mail templates
  • Segmentation
  • Contact frequency form
  • Feedback form
  • Content creation guide

CHF 790.-

Lead Magnet Package

Contacts are routed through the sales funnel in a targeted manner

  • Lead Magnet example
  • Lead Magnet form
  • Landingpage template
  • Campaign template
  • Content creation guide

CHF 890.-

Nurturing Package

Automated customer nurturing via thought-through campaigns

  • Points and level system
  • Campaign templates
  • Content creation guide

CHF 890.-

From Zero to Hero:
The Aivie „All-In Paket“

Server location in Germany with 1000 contacts CHF 89.- p.M.
Lead Magnet PackageCHF 890.- one-time
1 month intensive Onboarding SupportCHF 590.- one-time
Total investment first yearCHF 2’596.-
Following yearCHF 1’116.-

No marketing wishes remain unfulfilled: Our all-in package includes the complete Aivie Pro setup and hosting including best practice packages, templates and fully implemented campaigns, segments and lead scoring. Of course, in the CI of your company and taking into account your individual marketing goals.

Your advantages

  • Sales Funnel incl. Lead Magnet implemented
  • Effectively integrated into your website
  • Lead qualification and scoring
  • Personalised dashboard
  • Immediate implementation in the team

All beginnings are easy.

Whether you are a marketing manager, founder or simply curious: Our 30min webinar is exactly for those of you, wanting to know more about marketing automation with Aivie.

Register now for our free Aivie webinar.