Hi, we are the heads behind Aivie.

We help you to make the digital interaction with your customers as effective and easy as possible, In order to do so, we have developed a marketing automation tool that is implemented quickly and flexible enough to grow with your needs. Our network of experts offer you easy access to specialists from various disciplines. From Content Creation to Artificial Intelligence.

The Team

Adrian Schimpf
CEO, Head of Product

“My passion is developing innovative products and services that make life easier for users.”

Over 15 years of experience as a product manager, experience consultant, solution architect and software engineer.

Sarah Seyr
Customer Experience

“As a psychologist and customer experience expert, I am fascinated by the interaction between people and technology. For me, the added value for the user is always in the foreground.”

Over 10 years of experience in customer experience and digital innovation.

Fabienne Meyer
Praktikum Digital Marketing

“My enthusiasm lies in the combination of innovation and aesthetics, which brings a practical advantage to the user.”

Experience in graphics and design since 2016 and a bachelor’s degree in business informatics since 2021.

Nino Knetemann
Digital Marketing Specialist

“You can get new leads online with digital know-how. But you can only get new customers with empathy and knowledge of the target group.

Working in online marketing since 2011, with 10 years of IT experience and a Bachelor in Business Communications.


Think human first

Technology is only successfull if humans are at its center. We use technology not for technology’s sake – but to create added value for people.

Understand, Pioneer

Problems must first be understood and before solved. In this way, we develop sustainable solutions that will also last tomorrow. We are looking forward to the future.

Share your knowledge

We work collaborative and share our know-how. There is no one right solution for every challenge – but there are the right experts for every challenge.

“The tool was just right for our client to achieve an attractive presence in digital marketing. The tool not only performed itself but also led to a better performance of the team. Behind it are professionals who have worked in an interdisciplinary, collegial and transparent manner.

This has resulted in more than we initially thought – and the end customers notice that, too.”

André Schelter, Partner & Digital Strategist

All beginnings are easy.

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