• Fabienne Meyer

    „Meine Begeisterung liegt in der Verbindung von Innovation und Ästhetik, die dem Nutzer und User einen praktischen Vorteil einbringt.“ Seit 2016 Erfahrung im Bereich Grafik und Design und seit 2021 ein Bachelor in Wirtschaftsinformatik.

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Vergleich von Aivie mit Hubspot & Mailchimp

Ist die Open Source Marketing Automation Lösung Aivie eine ernstzunehmende Alternative zu den Cloud Plattformen wie Hubspot oder Mailchimp? Hier kannst du dir die Slides downloaden.

Marketing Automation Canvas

Entwickle eine Strategie und ein Konzept für deine Marketing Automatisierung. Hier bekommst du die Anleitung und den Canvas zum Ausfüllen.

Webinar Marketing Automation

Im 30-minütigen Webinar lernst du die Best Practices für Marketing Automation mit Aivie kennen. Melde dich an für eine geführte Demo.


Marketing automation with social media marketing

Would you like to successfully collect contacts via Google and social media? And then address them again when your channels are exhausted? With the integration of adhook and Aivie, this is possible – completely automatically! With adhook, you can plan, analyze, optimize and moderate posts and ads campaigns and coordinate collaboration across teams. In Aivie, you store and evaluate the data from all channels and the entire customer journey. Marketing automation with social media marketing plays out even more precise and therefore more efficient campaigns along the entire customer journey.

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TAWNY analyzes videos with emotional artificial intelligence

Recognizing and measuring emotions has long been the subject of scientific research. They play a central role in market and consumer research in particular. Why is that the case? Emotions are at the heart of human experience. Emotions control our social behavior, they determine our decision-making and thus have a major influence on our daily lives. We explain how Emotion AI, emotional artificial intelligence, works and how TAWNY tests videos with Emotion AI.

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How to find your Marketing Automation Tool?

6 criteria to evaluate your marketing automation tool

There are currently over 9,500 MarTech tools on the market. So, on an average day, we spend at least an hour gathering information from various tools. Many feel overwhelmed by the number of tools they interact with while working.

Therefore, it is essential to consciously choose the marketing automation tool we work with every day. Because the immense number of tools we interact with every day means that we often change context. This in turn influences our creativity and focus.

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Send print mailings automatically from campaigns

Would you also like to incorporate printed matter into your campaigns? No problem. With the print mailing plugin of Deutsche Post and Aivie, you can easily send postcards and print mailings automatically from campaigns. We simplified the setup and application for you. Print mailing automation integrates print directly into your campaigns. Your campaigns then automatically trigger individual mailings to your contacts.

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