3 reasons to include online events in your marketing mix

They do it again and again. Year after year. Some even month after month.

This not only attracts numerous customers to their online coaching sessions, training programs and digital products. What’s more, they are building up a solid community. Loyal fans. Enthusiastic recommenders.

Successful coaches, trainers and consultants have long since discovered this strategy for themselves. And crammed the little 1×1 of marketing up and down like a second grader. They all rely on online event marketing.

Because online event marketing is about more than just keynote speakers and handing out free eBooks. (Yes, what used to be the pens are now the white papers, checklists or guidelines that are handed out free of charge to participants at online events).

Successful online events give participants a sense of fulfillment. They offer educational experiences and the opportunity to get in touch with people in the industry.

In this article, I will give you three important reasons why an online event such as an online congress should not be missing from your marketing mix. But first the basics.

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Recognize intent and learn from touchpoints

Intents are the intentions behind the actions of users and customers. If we know the intention of a contact in a certain situation, in a certain context, we can address the contact with currently relevant content. Intent we recognize in the touchpoint, each touchpoint is thereby a learning opportunity. With marketing automation, suitable content is then placed – completely automatically.

We talked with Björn Nagelmann in #scxtalk about opportunities and the challenges of detecting intents in the context of marketing automation.

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