Augmented reality as an established marketing tool

Over 50% of all Swiss citizens have already used augmented reality applications. The potential is enormous and the possibilities almost unlimited. With the announcement of Apple’s mixed reality glasses a few days ago, one thing is clear: augmented reality is now part of every marketing mix, but it’s no longer rocket science.

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Creating better content and better customer interactions with data expertise

So what are we going to do with all this data? On the one hand. And: We have no data on this. On the other hand. Data literacy as the ability to collect, analyze and interpret data is becoming more important. Because decisions are increasingly based on data. Absatzwirtschaft and Werbewoche have taken up the topic. Here are a few excerpts and further links.

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Send blogs automatically via newsletter

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to automatically send your blog posts to your subscribers via a newsletter? Then Aivie and RSS feeds are the perfect solution!

With Aivie and an RSS feed, you can import the latest blogs into your emails and deliver them to your readers’ inboxes. You can do a combination of editorial and automated parts, or automate the newsletter completely.

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Marketing automation with social media marketing

Would you like to successfully collect contacts via Google and social media? And then address them again when your channels are exhausted? With the integration of adhook and Aivie, this is possible – completely automatically! With adhook, you can plan, analyze, optimize and moderate posts and ads campaigns and coordinate collaboration across teams. In Aivie, you store and evaluate the data from all channels and the entire customer journey. Marketing automation with social media marketing plays out even more precise and therefore more efficient campaigns along the entire customer journey.

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3 reasons to include online events in your marketing mix

They do it again and again. Year after year. Some even month after month.

This not only attracts numerous customers to their online coaching sessions, training programs and digital products. What’s more, they are building up a solid community. Loyal fans. Enthusiastic recommenders.

Successful coaches, trainers and consultants have long since discovered this strategy for themselves. And crammed the little 1×1 of marketing up and down like a second grader. They all rely on online event marketing.

Because online event marketing is about more than just keynote speakers and handing out free eBooks. (Yes, what used to be the pens are now the white papers, checklists or guidelines that are handed out free of charge to participants at online events).

Successful online events give participants a sense of fulfillment. They offer educational experiences and the opportunity to get in touch with people in the industry.

In this article, I will give you three important reasons why an online event such as an online congress should not be missing from your marketing mix. But first the basics.

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TAWNY analyzes videos with emotional artificial intelligence

Recognizing and measuring emotions has long been the subject of scientific research. They play a central role in market and consumer research in particular. Why is that the case? Emotions are at the heart of human experience. Emotions control our social behavior, they determine our decision-making and thus have a major influence on our daily lives. We explain how Emotion AI, emotional artificial intelligence, works and how TAWNY tests videos with Emotion AI.

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Building relationships with funnels and marketing automation using the example of Tinder Thomas

Maybe you know someone like Thomas. Thomas is actually quite nice and we would actually recommend him to all our single women. But it doesn’t really have to be right for a relationship. We took a strategic look with Thomas at how he can build a relationship. From the strategy, the funnel, the tactics, the campaigns, to the individual offers and goals for each phase. And lo and behold, it works. Along the marketing automation canvas, we show the funnel to build a relationship.

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Swiss marketing automation tool Aivie wants to outpace Mailchimp, HubSpot and Co.

Media release July 2021

Whether it’s a simple newsletter or a sophisticated multichannel campaign, the demands on marketing tools are high and companies are becoming more demanding, especially when it comes to handling data.

Data sovereignty becomes more important. Not only because of regulators. But also because of the realization that data is increasingly becoming the company’s real gold. At the same time, the handling of data should become easier. It is precisely this sweet spot that a Swiss company has taken advantage of and recently launched Aivie, a marketing automation tool that makes powerful technology easy and safe to use.

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Off to the golf course: Automated Campaign for event

Our client KENDRIS is a successful trust company. As is common in the industry, KENDRIS also relies on personal relationships and has high quality standards.

Once a year KENDRIS invites its valued customers to the golf course. The experience is important for relationship building. That’s why it’s also important that the surrounding area, i.e. the digital experience, reflects the high quality standards. Reliable, automated event communication ensures that no questions remain unanswered – from registration to travel.

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Generating leads with chatbots – 3 use cases for lead generation with chatbots

What is a chatbot, anyway? Simply explained, a chatbot is an intelligent software that allows users to talk to each other in a natural way, like with a person.

Wondering if and how you can generate leads with chatbots? Lead generation is about turning prospects into potential buyers. By getting the visitor:s to provide you with their personal information, such as an email address or phone number for further interaction.

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How to get started with Marketing Automation

To start with, the question of which software to use for marketing automation is the smaller challenge to getting started. Because most of the time the mindset blocks the implementation. The fear of losing control creeps along somewhere. Or has all that been overcome and it’s simply a matter of getting going? Chris Beyeler, Aivie Partner and agency owner of BEYONDER shows in this post that it’s not that hard.

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How to find your Marketing Automation Tool?

6 criteria to evaluate your marketing automation tool

There are currently over 9,500 MarTech tools on the market. So, on an average day, we spend at least an hour gathering information from various tools. Many feel overwhelmed by the number of tools they interact with while working.

Therefore, it is essential to consciously choose the marketing automation tool we work with every day. Because the immense number of tools we interact with every day means that we often change context. This in turn influences our creativity and focus.

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Using Google Ads successfully – 5 best practice tips

What are Google Ads?

Google Ads are paid ads that are always displayed first in Google search. Use Google Ads for your business. Why? With Google Ads, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. In addition, you will appear at the top of Google search and will be visible to potential customers who are looking for your product or service. If your Google Ads Campaignare set up correctly, leads and sales can be increased significantly. In this post, you’ll learn 5 tips on how to use Google Ads successfully.

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New Swiss Data Protection Act (nDSG or revDSG) – the most important points in brief.

There are some important innovations in the Swiss variant of the data protection law. Everything about the new Swiss Data Protection Act (nDSG or revDSG) that affects marketing. In this article, we explain the most important changes as simply and concisely as possible.

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Send print mailings automatically from campaigns

Would you also like to incorporate printed matter into your campaigns? No problem. With the print mailing plugin of Deutsche Post and Aivie, you can easily send postcards and print mailings automatically from campaigns. We simplified the setup and application for you. Print mailing automation integrates print directly into your campaigns. Your campaigns then automatically trigger individual mailings to your contacts.

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Recognize intent and learn from touchpoints

Intents are the intentions behind the actions of users and customers. If we know the intention of a contact in a certain situation, in a certain context, we can address the contact with currently relevant content. Intent we recognize in the touchpoint, each touchpoint is thereby a learning opportunity. With marketing automation, suitable content is then placed – completely automatically.

We talked with Björn Nagelmann in #scxtalk about opportunities and the challenges of detecting intents in the context of marketing automation.

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Lead Scoring with Mautic optimizing sales funnels

Sooner or later the time comes when, with the resources available, the abundance of inquiries/contacts can no longer be dealt with in a reasonable time and with the necessary attention. At the latest now is the time to think about which of your contacts you want to focus on intensively / personally. Lead scoring helps to use the available resources efficiently and to optimize marketing funnels. In this post, we cover how lead scoring can be easily and quickly implemented with Mautic.

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How your website automatically wins 30 customer projects with Aivie

Our client Falcone Specialities is an international distributor of food ingredients and chemical specialties to the processing industry. The company has been in existence for 10 years and it has made a name for itself with high-quality raw materials. The project resulted in a new website with marketing automation that reflects high-quality standards. With marketing automation, the potential is exploited digitally, leads are generated and customers are processed via the new website.

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Double Opt-In with Mautic

At the latest since the new European DSGVO came into force, every marketer has asked himself the question: “Single Opt-In vs. Double Opt-In. What is required to comply with DSGVO?”. Both have the advantages and disadvantages. However, especially for end-customer communication, Double Opt-In offers three major advantages for companies compared to Single Opt-In:

  1. Traceability of customer consent to receive marketing messages
  2. Improved reputation of the email sender
  3. Higher quality of the contact list and customer relations
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Creating a Sales Funnel

You have put a lot of heart and soul into your website, finally it is live and… nothing happens. Customers were not waiting for you. Does this seem familiar? Then you’re just like a lot of marketers who deal with the question: “How do I turn (website-)visitors into customers? Our answer: with a well thought-through Sales Funnel.

Marketing Automation Tools like Aivie are an important utility for this. Based on the open source marketing automation solution Mautic, Aivie helps you manage your Sales Funnel efficiently. You can find out how to create Sales Funnels with Mautic here.

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Use content efficiently in automated funnels

Marketing automation is used to address customers and guide them automatically through a sales funnel. Every interaction must offer added value so that customers stick with it and take the next step. This applies to digital customer interactions as well as in-person ones. For this, we need the right content in the right place.

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5 tips for successful landing pages

Does this sound familiar to you? You have a lot of visitors on your website, but they leave only after a short time. You’ve put a lot of time and effort into your landing page, yet conversions are rare. Maybe it’s time to rethink your landing page. Our 5 tips for successful landing pages should help you.

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Aivie email template based on the leaked Amazon template and best practices

With an email template we can quickly and easily create an email. But what does a good email marketing template actually look like? Should it be more of a text email? Or would you prefer a colourful HTML e-mail?

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7 steps to secure Mautic hosting

Building and running a secure marketing automation infrastructure with Mautic can be difficult. We know this because we’ve spent years solving these problems for technology startups, SMBs, and large enterprises. Hackers are constantly on the lookout for companies to target. Achieve secure Mautic hosting with these 7 immediately actionable steps.

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