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Your tailor-made website – so that your idea can grow, the most important basis for your success


Building a website is a personal thing – after all, it’s your virtual business card: social media, ads, landing pages, email marketing, it all boils down to your website or landing page in the end. It is the proverbial backbone of your idea or venture.

We create your WordPress website tailored to you personally within one week! And we give you the choice of two variants.

Create WordPress Website

WordPress is so easy after all… – Why you should still turn to an expert:

WordPress has made a lot of things easier, especially with version 5. There has also been considerable progress in surgery, but still only surgeons operate – right? Let the expert in when it comes to your “online spine” now!

When creating a homepage, there are questions and questions which will cost you a lot of valuable potential, time and money: Which template? Does this have the necessary functions that suit me? Should there be a blog on it or not, what structure should the landing page have? Why are my ads not having the desired effect? So how do I optimize the conversion rate? What about the user experience? And the server is still…

Time is money, as we all know. Here even in the double sense, if we think for example of the costs of insufficiently converted ads or campaigns. With a startup, all of this carries even more weight.

What we offer you as experts:

  • We will have a detailed, personal conversation with you at the beginning. This way we can then create the website, completely tailored to you and not the other way around. This is another risk to which a layman is exposed and of which many are not aware.
  • You will receive two concrete proposals to choose from.
  • We will be able to create the final website for you within a week.
  • Thanks to the use of open source technologies you will be flexible with your website. It’s allowed to grow along with your idea. You have no worries or problems due to later system changes or incompatibilities.
  • Best possible targeting and tracking: With perfect SEO optimization (Search Engine Optimization) you will be found quickly by your target group and with the right tracking tools you will be able to evaluate your campaigns quickly and easily. Both are put on and explained to you by us.
  • Personal contact person for the entire duration while we create your WordPress website or landing page

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Adrian and Idea2 have set up a top online shop with which I can reach my customers directly and offer my antiques. I especially appreciated how he responded to my goals and implemented them. His way of thinking constructively and making helpful suggestions was 1A.


Marcel Rutishauser, Rutishauser antiques Kreuzlingen