Connect Mautic with Trello

Connect Mautic with Trello

Use Trello to edit your contacts:
Show all relevant contact information
from CRM directly into Trello.

Add to Trello

That way you won’t miss a thing!

Simply search for any Mautic contact and add them to your Trello card. From now on, you’ll have all the relevant contact details at your fingertips and know when it’s the right time to reach out.

Compatible with Mautic

Aivie is based on the open source marketing automation tool Mautic. This Power-Up (Plugin) is 100% compatible with Mautic.

Easy to set up

Easily connect cards to the contact in Mautic. Data protection is ensured thanks to minimal data exchange, encryption and oAuth2.

Identify contacts

Immediately identify relevant leads and contacts. This is how you identify interested contacts.

Trello Mautic Integration

View all the important information of your Mautic contacts and leads directly in Trello.

Create contacts in Trello from Aivie/Mautic

Create contacts in Trello from Aivie/Mautic. Pre-installed for Aivie customers. All others can download it here: GitHub.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Looking for Trello Mautic support?

You can find more information in the Mautic Blog post. In addition, you can Contact us or purchase the Trello Mautic Support Package.

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