Media release July 2021

Whether it’s a simple newsletter or a sophisticated multichannel campaign, the demands on marketing tools are high and companies are becoming more demanding, especially when it comes to handling data.

Data sovereignty becomes more important. Not only because of regulators. But also because of the realization that data is increasingly becoming the company’s real gold. At the same time, the handling of data should become easier. It is precisely this sweet spot that a Swiss company has taken advantage of and recently launched Aivie, a marketing automation tool that makes powerful technology easy and safe to use.

Marketing Automation with Aivie, what’s behind it?

Aivie is built on the open source technology Mautic. Behind Mautic is a worldwide, dedicated developer community. Aivie is among the top 5 partners and regularly gives back to the community in the form of new features or code.

Aivie makes open source technology more accessible to customers and as convenient as a SaaS solution. Aivie offers templates already designed for the respective corporate design and ready-made campaign mechanics so that customers can get started right away.

Aivie has optimized the technical setup and the servers and is therefore able to present a competitive entry-level offer starting at 16 CHF / 14 Euro. Aivie can thus compete with Mailchimp in terms of price and offers on top the data sovereignty and data protection according to European standards.

Data sovereignty and data security

Because customers want a flexible solution, strong technology, and at the same time a setup in which they don’t have to worry about their data or whether it’s privacy-compliant.

Aivie also offers unlimited possibilities for plugins and integrations with other systems thanks to its open technology. The team at Aivie is also particularly specialized in providing custom plugins and API’s.

The data are and remain under the sovereignty of the respective company. Aivie lays the foundation for a holistic data strategy.

Comment of the founder & CEO

“A few years ago, I myself was in the situation of looking for a solution for a project of my own. For me, Mailchimp’s features were not enough and Hubspot was too expensive for the project. Besides, it was sensitive customer data, and it shouldn’t be a US provider.

I then specialized in Mautic and (further) developed a comprehensive tool based on the technology. We have developed a number of best practice cases with customers over the last few years, which we can now make available as a package with Aivie. Here we have an advantage over the approaches often propagated by US companies: More is not always more. We have proven UX and CX expertise on the team and know how marketing automation adds value for people.”

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Download the webinar slides to get answers and clarify all your questions regarding Mautic vs Hubspot vs Mailchimp.

Download webinar slides.

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