Would you also like to incorporate printed matter into your campaigns? No problem. With the print mailing plugin of Deutsche Post and Aivie, you can easily send postcards and print mailings automatically from campaigns. We simplified the setup and application for you. Print mailing automation integrates print directly into your campaigns. Your campaigns then automatically trigger individual mailings to your contacts.

Here we explain step by step how you can send postcards and print mailings from campaigns, automatically and personalized with Aivie. With the Deutsche Post plugin for Aivie, you can combine online and offline marketing.

What can the Print Mailing Plugin do?

With the plugin for Aivie, you can release the sending of postcards, letters, or other formats, directly in your marketing campaigns. Print mailings reach your contacts personalized and at the right time – automatically.

You can integrate the sending of postcards or print mailings directly into your campaign. To do so, you can use your usual logic to select the triggers you want, such as “Email unopened?” or “Booking canceled?”. Of course, you can design and personalize the postcards individually for the correspondent recipients. Your contacts feel directly addressed: They for example receive personalized discount codes, links, or QR codes.

To use these possibilities in Aivie you only need to activate the Deutsche Post plugin under “Settings”, “Plugins”. After that, you can adjust further settings in configurations.

If the plugin doesn’t show up automatically, just click “Install/Upgrade Plugins” to upgrade your view.

Install and configure print mailing plugin

In order for Deutsche Post to print and send your content, you need a contract. Invoicing is then carried out directly via Deutsche Post, depending on the number of items. You can easily get the contract with Aivie via the plugin configuration: Under “Settings” > “Configuration” > “Print Mailing Settings” you will find a button, with which you can order the contract. Simply fill out the contract with your details and add your identification number “MAS-Client ID”. Deutsche Post then uses this to create the link. We will then enable the exchange of data with your Aivie account via the Deutsche Post trigger dialogue. You then send the signed contract directly to Deutsche Post. When the link is up, you’ll get a message and can get started right away and trigger print mailings via Aivie.

Here you will find your identification number “MAS Client-ID”.

Matching contact fields via the print mailing template

Print mailing is now available as another channel and you can configure content as usual. You decide which contact fields from Aivie you want to use for the print mailings. Then you build the print mailing to your Campaign. For that, you need a template.

Click “+New” under “Channels” > “Print Mailing” to create a new print mailing mapping template in Aivie.

In the “Data Mapping” tab, the required standard data is stored for each new template for sending your postcards. You can customize the data and determine which fields are transferred when a print mailing is triggered. A field of the type “postal code” is mandatory and, of course, complete address data is required for successful postal delivery. In addition, you must specify the country, for example, if shipments are to be sent abroad. In addition, you can transfer other content and include it in your communication.

That’s it for the preparations with Aivie. The visual design (via PDF, InDesign, or online editor) and other configurations of the postcard can be done directly in the Print Mailing Manager Post. Press the green button to go to the Deutsche Post Print Mailing Manager.

In the Print Mailing Manager, you will already see the mapping templates you have created. You can create your own design, product features, etc. for each of them.

Here you can configure your print mailings.

If you use the online editor, you can also create or edit the designs directly in your browser.

Integrate print mailings into campaigns and trigger them automatically

New action is now available in the campaign builder: “Send via Print Mailing”.

You then select the desired print mailing mapping template from those you have created previously. . Aivie sends the data via the plugin to Deutsche Post for printing and dispatch. Shortly afterward your customers will have their individual postcards in their mailbox.

Ready to go?

Inspiration for automated postcards and print mailings is also available from Deutsche Post: E.g. for your first print mailing campaign and for possible triggers. You will also find campaign ideas for welcoming new customers, activating existing customers, and much more.

Print-Mailing FAQ’s

All your questions about print mailing.

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