Training “How do I use Aivie/Mautic like a Pro?”


In-depth Aivie/Mautic training tailored to your needs.


Learn how to use Aivie and Mautic like a pro, and how to take your newsletters and marketing campaigns to the next level.

  • A solid understanding of marketing automation
  • Deep Dive Emails: Nurturing Campaign vs Newsletters
  • The most important functions and settings of Aivie
  • Using Aivie with a website/CMS
  • Important workarounds and tricks for using Aivie

In this interactive online training course, we go into the basics of Aivie in detail. By the end, you will be able to navigate confidently through the menus and the most important user functions.

In addition, we do a deep dive on a topic of current interest to you, such as a nurturing campaign, automated newsletter, data protection, website tracking, etc.

One customer says:

The training was personalized and tailored to our needs, which was great! What helped me most was that I was able to navigate and try things out myself.

Anna B.

Half-day interactive online training. Divisible into two days. Including all documents. According to our General Terms and Conditions.