More frequent updating of campaigns

From: $41.80 / month

Take your marketing automation campaigns to the next level and go from the standard 15-minute cycle to near real-time updates.



While the 15-minute update may be sufficient for many users, marketing professionals with increased requirements quickly recognize its limits. In a fast-paced digital world where every second counts, even small delays can mean the difference between success and a missed opportunity. The inability to react quickly to interactions can lead to a competitive disadvantage.

Our add-on is the perfect solution for anyone who expects more and is prepared to invest in this benefit. With the ability to run cronjobs every minute or every two minutes, this upgrade offers unparalleled responsiveness.

You can adjust your campaigns almost in real time, react immediately to customer interactions and thus maximize the effectiveness of your marketing strategies.

Say goodbye to the limitations of 15-minute intervals and harness the power of quick updates. Take the step, invest in the add-on and see your campaigns and business success reach new heights!

Prices excl. VAT. Up to 10,000 contacts. According to our General Terms and Conditions.

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