Mautic Landing Page Template “Register”


Mautic landing page template optimized for registration.


Save time without sacrificing variety and options in creativity. With our template you can quickly and easily create your desired landing page.

The landing page template is provided to you as a standard Mautic theme in ZIP format. It is 100% compatible with the new Mautic Landing Page Editor (from version 4).

All content is designed to look good on all devices. They are responsive, and optimized for display on Retina displays.

The landing page templates are developed according to the latest standards and best practices and are quality-tested.

Easy modification and extension of the templates is ensured.


Your advantages

  • Optimized for the Mautic 4 e-mail builder (GrapesJs)
  • Simple and fast creation of landing pages.
  • Best User Experience
  • Support for high-resolution Retina images
  • High quality HTML
  • 6 months free updates and support
  • No IT expert or code knowledge required

Get to your new Mautic landing page template as quickly as possible

  1. Buy your templates
  2. Make the appropriate specifications for color, logo, font, etc.
  3. We will send you the templates within a few working days. Normally within 24 hours.
  4. You can create great new landing pages in no time at all.

According to our General Terms and Conditions.

Additional information

delivery deadline

24h, 3 days, 1 week