With one click. Combining online and offline marketing so easily

With Tinkerbelle, Aivie and Deutsche Post, you can send your contacts a personalized message with just one click. Implement your print mailing campaign easily with the web-to-print solution from Deutsche Post.

Enrich your marketing campaign with automated print mailings.

How it works

  • Automate print mailings
  • Set customer-specific triggers in campaigns
  • Increase conversion rate by 10%

Successful marketing. Fully automated.

Easily plan and control print mailing campaigns with Aivie. The individualization of your advertising is based entirely on the personal needs of your recipients. The transmission is fully automated and trigger-based.

Individual approach

Each of your customers is an individual with different wishes in terms of product selection and preferences in purchasing behavior.

Automated dispatch

Set different and individualized triggers for fully automated shipping. Aivie takes control of the campaign and hands over the data to Deutsche Post for printing and delivery.

Campaign ideas

Just the right thing, from vouchers, discount codes and reminders to the right thing for new customers, birthdays, new collections and much more.

“Your lasting effect, print mailings stick – a conversion rate of 10% and more is possible according to the CMC study”

CMC print mailing study, 2021

We are here for you.

Creative campaign for digital and print

Creative campaign for digital and print

Tinkerbelle and Aivie will work with you to develop a marketing automation campaign to connect the online world with the offline world.

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