Our client KENDRIS is a successful trust company. As is common in the industry, KENDRIS also relies on personal relationships and has high quality standards.

Once a year KENDRIS invites its valued customers to the golf course. The experience is important for relationship building. That’s why it’s also important that the surrounding area, i.e. the digital experience, reflects the high quality standards. Reliable, automated event communication ensures that no questions remain unanswered – from registration to travel.

The case in numbers

IndustryTrust / Family Office Services
Company size170 employees
SolutionAivie Pro
ServiceCampaign setup

What needs to go into the automated Campaign campaign?

Clearly, the actual golf event itself is at the heart of the shared experience. In advance it needs the information about the event, a registration option with confirmation and other details such as travel.

Until now, an invitation was sent manually by mail. The registrations were entered into a list. A reminder e-mail was also sent manually. A contact person is available to answer questions. In other words, Kendris spends a lot of effort around the event on interactions that don’t add much value. Organizational matters simply have to be communicated. On the other hand, the client:s also need to enter the info themselves, such as the golf course’s website to check the lineup. Or they need to call.

Wouldn’t it be better to just have everything together at the right moment? This is exactly where the automated Campaign for the event should come in. Because all these interactions are necessary, but they are not the highlight. On the other hand, something would be missing if the interactions did not exist. They therefore offer added value and should be professionally implemented in an automated Campaign campaign.

Value-creating interactions in the automated event Campaign

Before we dive into the automated Campaign for the golf event, let’s put some thought into value-added interactions. In principle, an interaction can bring something to the customer or the company. For example, it is valuable for Kendris and for her customers that there is a registration option for the event. The customers want to know reliably that they have a place. Kendris wants to know the participant:inside number. Perfectly clear, right? A similar argument can be made when it comes to a reminder message just before the event. But what about reminders for registration, for example?

Kendris still has an interest in customers:signing up and could send endless reminder messages. However, this would soon press the customers. Because once an email overread, yes, can happen. But twice, three times? Presumably, it is then rather due to the fact that one simply can not or does not want to register. In the Value Irritant Matrix, this is called: Simplify. We would say: Maybe you just stop once in a while.

Aivie Marketing Automation - Value Irrtant Matrix

So we have a list of interactions that are valuable to participant:s and/or to KENDRIS. But that alone is not enough. We also still need to look at the specific moment of interaction. It probably sounds completely banal now, but anyone who has ever gotten the right information at the wrong moment probably knows what we’re talking about.

The question is therefore not only: What creates value? But rather: What exactly creates value now? Because when the customer asks the question: And what should I do with it now? Then we know that we have not conveyed value. So, let’s deliver the right information at the right time!

Our approach

KENDRIS uses Aivie Pro and manages their event audience in Aivie’s own CRM. To create the automated event Campaign around the golf event, KENDRIS leveraged Aivie’s expertise and booked a service. And this is how we implemented the requirements.

  • We accompany clients every step of the way: from registration to arrival.
  • We deliver organizational information proactively, exactly when it is relevant.
  • We monitor feedback and respond with reminders and follow-ups.
Aivie Marketing Automation Kendris Case

“We wanted to design the entire invitation process with a high degree of automation but the highest possible level of customization. After all, we want our guests to be well picked up and simply look forward to the event.”

Bryan Graf

The automated Campaign campaign as a process

Customers should receive an event announcement by e-mail. A link in the email takes them to the registration form, where they can register and receive immediate confirmation. Shortly before the event, up-to-date information such as the course layout and tee time will be communicated. So far so good, but what if someone doesn’t sign up? Then, of course, it is automatically followed up once.

So this is how the automated Campaign campaign presents itself:

Aivie Marketing Automation - Campaign

The implementation of the automated Campaign with Aivie

Campaigns in Aivie can trigger actions, such as sending the registration email to the desired customer:s segment. In addition to the automated emails, the required registration form is also implemented directly with Aivie. The Campaign tracks the registrations and sends out a reminder where necessary. The data of the enrollees are stored in the CRM. The list of participants fills automatically.

In the CRM and with the help of progressive profiling we receive further information about the participants such as the golf handicap or the name of the golf club. This information does not need to be provided next time.

Aivie Marketing Automation - Form

The right information at the right moment

With the automated e-mails, customers receive exactly the information they need at the moment. So they don’t have to ask themselves: What am I supposed to do with this now? At the same time, they do not receive information that is not yet relevant. But you shouldn’t have to ask yourself either: Will there be anything else then? That’s why we also announce what’s to come. And of course, if you have any doubts, your personal account manager is always ready to help.

Aivie Marketing Automation Kendris Newsletter

Conclusion on the automated Campaign campaign

Both KENDRIS and their clients were able to relax about the event as the automated Campaign managed the registrations, reminders and all the information.

Aivie Marketing Automation Kendris Case

“We are fiduciaries, tax and legal experts and not event managers. However, it is our aspiration that everything we offer our clients is highly professional and well thought out. The team at Aivie met that standard and also proactively streamlined our invitation process.”

Bryan Graf

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