Would you like to successfully collect contacts via Google and social media? And then address them again when your channels are exhausted? With the integration of adhook and Aivie, this is possible – completely automatically! With adhook, you can plan, analyze, optimize and moderate posts and ads campaigns and coordinate collaboration across teams. In Aivie, you store and evaluate the data from all channels and the entire customer journey. Marketing automation with social media marketing plays out even more precise and therefore more efficient campaigns along the entire customer journey.

Marketing automation meets social media management

A complete mapping of the customer journey means identifying which contacts came to the website from which channel. From the first impression, through all clicks and interactions to the last conversion.

The combination allows you to efficiently design your marketing campaigns via your social media platforms through to marketing automation. This allows you to send automated messages to your contacts who respond to an offer via your social channels. For example, e-mails with information and follow-ups. On the other hand, you can use the data from Aivie to track what your contacts are interested in and address them more specifically on all channels. Design your customer journey with marketing automation and social media marketing.

marketing automation with social media marketing

With the insights from the data from all channels, you can adapt your content accordingly to improve the customer experience and create added value. This will make you more successful in online lead generation and in terms of the number of conversions. Of course, social media marketing automation goes beyond content planning. Marketing initiatives are coordinated, continuously analyzed and optimized.

The most important use cases

With the integration of Aivie Marketing Automation and social media marketing from adhook we capture leads from ads platforms directly in Aivie. We synchronize the data from the Aivie CRM and the channel events via adhook with your audiences in the advertising accounts. This enables automated follow-ups across all channels and advanced reporting.

Use case 1: Creating custom audiences in Aivie for lookalike, retargeting and display ads

Segment your customers based on usage and CRM data. Custom and lookalike target groups are automatically created in adhook from your segments in Aivie and synchronized regularly. You can use these in your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram or Google Display.

Use Case 2: CRM-based ads reporting and optimization

Automatic conversion tracking – a dream? This becomes reality with us.

Using the data in Aivie and adhook, you can see all your conversions in one place. This gives you holistic reporting without losing conversions. You can use the insights to optimize ads with CRM data such as purchases, downloads or other interactions.

Use Case 3: Content sharing between Aivie and adhook

You can also use content from Aivie, e.g. images and videos, directly in adhook for ads. Templates for posts and advertisements are created automatically. You will be notified of new content and can use and customize it individually.

Personalization – the most important advantage of marketing automation with social media marketing

The advantage is obvious: more accurate targeting thanks to enriched campaigns. But also simpler ad testing with A/B tests, landing pages and forms. With an automated end-to-end customer journey in which all digital touchpoints talk to each other, you have many more opportunities for personalization across touchpoints.

Personalize every interaction and plan your marketing strategy centrally for all channels. This simplifies the creation of retargeting campaigns in particular and enables you to carry out successful lead nurturing. So you can skillfully pick up your customers with Lead Ads and Lead Form. This also improves personalized follow-ups, because thanks to your data, relevant content, e.g. via e-mail, can be sent to the right person at exactly the right time.

Perfect your reporting and bring all your data together in one place. With Aivie, these are available to you in the long term. This allows you to design automated marketing funnels specifically based on your CRM data and reach your contacts even better. Because over time, the interest of your customers will crystallize better and better. Your customers’ usage and CRM data allow you to segment them with increasing precision.

How marketing automation works with social media marketing

This is what the individual steps in the process look like:

  1. You play out automated marketing funnels based on the data in Aivie
    1. You use the segments for prospecting
    2. Play Google and social ads
    3. Complements lookalike campaigns
    4. Track the interaction via UTM tags
  2. You trigger re-engagement or lead generation
    1. You play out retargeting campaigns for your new segments
    2. You use lead ads or lead forms and collect contacts
    3. Again, Aivie tracks the interactions
  3. Lead followup is automated
    1. You define the automated email campaign
  4. And repeat 🙂

Take off with marketing automation and social media marketing

We’ll be happy to show you how.

Take a look at what integration entails.

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