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Growth Marketing Services

Your business grows with our Growth Marketing Services. You receive as much service as you need to grow your business. We accompany you over several months and build up your digital marketing. Our Growth Packages are individually customizable.

Results of the Growth Marketing Services

  • Measurable results based on KPIs
  • State of the Art Digital Marketing
  • Plannable investment
  • Marketing as a Service
  • Experts who know your business

Growth Marketing Services

Online has become one of the most important channels in today’s business world. With our Growth Services, we accompany you and your company over several months and help your company grow together.

Growth Marketing Packages

With our packages, we offer our customers the comfort of knowing that someone is looking after their online presence and making sure that they are contributing to their business goals.

For whom?

For companies that want to take their marketing to the next level but have few in-house resources to do so. In particular:

  • SMEs without their own marketing department
  • Relief of existing marketing teams
  • Extension of the existing skills
  • Teams that want to learn how growth marketing works
  • SMEs without a digital chief executive (CDO)

“We’ve doubled down on contacts.”

“I got a lot of fun very quickly because I have the freedom to put together the tool and services as I need them.”

Felix Caprez, Ferris Labs AG

To the customer case

The aim of Growth Marketing Services

Take your marketing success to the next level with Aivie’s KPI-driven growth marketing services! Our common goal is a long-term partnership based on measurable success. With Aivie at your side, your marketing will not only be more efficient, but also future-oriented. Take the step to the next level!

Overview of the contents

The packages are offered in three standard configurations, but are customizable to meet the specific needs of each company.

  • Strategic advice and support: so you have your digital contact who knows your business
  • Online marketing: so that you have relevant advertising where your customers are
  • Content marketing: so you get a steady stream of leads via the search engines
  • Marketing automation: so you can reach your customers with personalized content
  • Analyses and reports: so you know how your digital business is doing
  • Functionality and corrections to the website: So that we can operate and continuously improve your digital business
growth services

Special benefits of the Growth Service

Customers particularly appreciate the following:

  • Targeted use of specialists
    Companies can focus on their core competencies
  • Build your own competencies
    Specifically tailored to the needs of the company
  • Attractive price-performance ratio
    Personal, professional and performance-oriented
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Growth Marketing Service.

With our Growth Marketing Services, we support you and your company over several months and help your digital marketing grow together. Each package is uniquely tailored to individual needs. Discuss your growth marketing package with Adrian.