Is Aivie a real alternative to HubSpot?

Is the Swiss marketing automation solution Aivie a serious alternative to HubSpot? Aivie is based on open source and thus offers numerous advantages in addition to the price.

We answer these questions

  • What are the advantages of Aivie?
  • When is Aivie a good alternative to HubSpot?
  • When is Aivie worth it?
  • How do I migrate to Aivie?

Advantages of
Aivie compared to HubSpot

Aivie’s open-source based solution cleverly combines customizability with ease of use. It presents itself as a cost-effective alternative to HubSpot, especially for emerging small and medium-sized businesses.

In a head-to-head comparison of Aivie vs. HubSpot, Aivie wins with its balanced mix of features and affordable pricing.

  • Costs
    Although Aivie also has hosting fees, the overall cost is still lower than HubSpot, especially for growing businesses with many contacts.
  • Flexibility and adaptability
    Even if you don’t host yourself, you get the benefits of open source software. With own plugins the standard can be extended individually.
  • Data security
    You can choose the location (e.g. Switzerland, Germany, on-premise) of your data, which can be advantageous for data protection and compliance reasons. In addition, you retain full ownership of your data.
  • No vendor lock-in
    There is no attachment to Aivie. You can more easily switch to another solution, or run the platform yourself if you ever want to.
  • Support and services
    We provide support for Aivie directly from Switzerland. Which ensures that you get help quickly in case of any problems. In addition, you have access to a network of experts who can also take on work for you.
HubSpot alternative

“We’ve doubled down on contacts.”

“I got a lot of fun very quickly because I have the freedom to put together the tool and services as I need them.”

Felix Caprez, Ferris Labs AG

To the customer case

Aivie vs. HubSpot

Aivie and HubSpot are two popular marketing automation tools, each with unique strengths.

The Swiss software Aivie shines with high customizability and cost-efficient operation, which is especially beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

HubSpot, on the other hand, is a platform that combines a wide range of functionalities in a single platform.

HubSpot alternative

For example, save 12,000 CHF in license costs

In our calculation example, we compared the prices of Aivie Pro with those of HubSpot Professional with 10,000 contacts. The annual cost savings amount to around CHF 12,000. As of January 2023.

FeatureAivie Pro
(10’000 contacts)
HubSpot Marketing Professional
(10’000 contacts)
Number of usersUnrestrictedUnrestricted
No setup costs
Free onboarding call
Automated campaigns
Automated surveys
E-Mail marketing
Personalised newsletters
E-Mail Builder
Standard templates in your CI
Dashboard and Analytics✅ limited
Website tracking
HostingCH, DE or On-PremiseUS or DE
Lead scoring
Automatic segmentation
Automatic tag assignment
UTM Tag Tracking
Contact Management (CRM)
Full data sovereignty
Data in Switzerland
360° Customer View
DSGVO compliant
Form Automation
Landing page builder
Dynamic Content
A/B testing
Own domain
Workshops (charged extra)
Service Marketplace
Use case packages (charged separately)
Growth Services (charged extra)
On Demand Services (charged extra)
Costs in the first yearCHF 4,620 (DE)CHF 16’602

What customers who have switched to Aivie say

We moved from HubSpot and now have lower costs, less effort and, with Aivie, a partner that doesn’t hide its services behind a paywall. We also appreciate the excellent support.

Daniel B.

Both the tool and the service are excellent. I particularly appreciate the fast response and data security, as all data is stored in Switzerland. The prices are very reasonable. Would recommend this service to others!

Hannes B.

We have been working with Aivie as a marketing automation service for years. It is the clear number one in the areas of marketing automation and marketing strategy, and also offers by far the best price-performance ratio!

Felix C.

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How do I migrate from HubSpot to Aivie?

HubSpot Aivie Migration


Migriere von HubSpot zu Aivie Migriere jetzt von HubSpot zu Aivie und behalte die Hoheit über deine Daten. Alle Kundendaten werden auf deinen Wunsch hin in der Schweiz oder in Deutschland gespeichert. Wechsle ganz einfach von HubSpot zu Aivie. Ohne Qualitäts- oder Komfortverlust. Ohne Aufwand. Wir übernehmen die komplette Migration für dich. Anschliessend kannst du…

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