Calculate segments and campaigns at the push of a button

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, the need to see and test adjustments in real time can be critical. Aivie understands the need for speed and flexibility and presents another exclusive feature that sets it apart from other Mautic solutions.

With Aivie, users can execute changes to segments or campaigns immediately – without waiting for the next cron job to run. Whether you’re in the process of setting up a complex campaign or making minor adjustments to an existing segment, you’ll see the results of your changes immediately with our “execute at the touch of a button” feature.

This means less waiting time, more efficiency, and greater flexibility in creating and adapting your marketing strategies. Aivie is committed to giving users the tools they need to succeed – at their fingertips.

Trigger campaigns directly from forms

With campaign forms you can start campaigns directly (no segment is needed for this). You can embed the forms on your website or landing page as usual. As soon as someone fills out the form, the Campaign starts. The data provided will be processed directly. All fields of the form can be linked to actions in the Campaign. This way you can directly play out personalized communication.