If you want your contacts to automatically book an appointment with you, then there are two great options you should try – Aivie and Cal.com.

Link your schedule

With Aivie and Cal.com, it’s super easy to email a link to your available appointments to your contacts. Once they open the link, they can book a personal appointment with you directly. You no longer have to switch back and forth between emails and calendar to organize all your appointments.

Open source solution

Cal.com is a great open source solution for automated appointment booking. Your contacts can book an appointment with you directly, and both they and you will automatically receive an email confirmation. This keeps everything organized and under control.

Contact is automatically created on Aivie

With Aivie, a contact is automatically created as soon as someone books an appointment with you. The appointment is also recorded in your notes so you always know who contacted you and when.

Cal.com is a suitable alternative to Calendly. Although it is open source, there is also a hosted cloud solution that we use at Aivie. We believe this is a valuable option to organize all your appointments and contacts in one place.

So, if you’re looking for a better way to schedule appointments with your contacts, you should definitely check out Aivie and Cal.com!