What is the maximum number of contacts for Aivie?

Aivie is modular as an application and uses the latest technical possibilities to carry even very large loads. The various components are all virtualized and can scale up in a short time. So it is no problem if, for example, an email Campaign brings a lot of traffic in the short term.

The modular setup also allows a dedicated server to be provided for certain tasks. This way, tasks are clearly distributed and the frontend is not affected by background work, for example.

From 100,000 contacts, at the latest, it makes sense for us to take a close look at the individual setup and also discuss the price. We will be happy to discuss the individual enterprise setup with you.

Can I change the number of contacts later?

Yes, you can always increase or decrease the number of your contacts. If you reduce the number of contacts, this will be taken into account with the next billing period.

What all counts as one contact?

An entry counts as a contact as soon as a contact option is stored. So, if an email or a phone number is provided. E.g. one e-mail address = one contact.

Do you have setup costs?

No, you only pay the subscription fees. If you want, we can help you with the setup. That way you can start automating faster and then have templates that you can copy. We call this Quick Starters.