What are the Campaign?

Theoretically,Campaigncan be roughly divided into three types:

  1. Time-controlled Campaign, e.g. automatic follow-ups after a certain period of time
    Time-driven Campaignare the type of Campaignthat focus on specific timed events. These events can be anything, but usually take the form of emails. For example, you can set email events to trigger after a certain number of days or on a certain date in the future.
  2. Contact-driven Campaign, e.g. automatic sending of content after an action of the contact
    Contact driven Campaignare used to trigger events based on interactions with specific contacts. These interactions can occur when the contact lands on a particular page, opens an email, spends a certain amount of time on a website, or performs other activities. Such Campaigncan be set up to respond to these actions by sending an email to the contact either immediately or at some point in the future.
  3. Mixed Campaign, e.g. lead magnet Campaignwith automatic follow-up
    It is also possible to create Campaignthat consist of both time-controlled Campaignand contact-controlled actions. This powerful mixed Campaignmeans that actions can be triggered by specific dates or after specific time periods as well as by direct actions from a contact.

You see, practically, it matters less what type your Campaign is. It’s about choosing events that are appropriate for the contacts, and that will work towards your goals.

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