How do you connect Aivie with HubSpot?

Would you like to use HubSpot CRM and the marketing automation power of Aivie? With the HubSpot plugin, you can synchronize your contacts very easily.

Functionality / Use Cases

The plugin enables the following functions:

  • Regularly synchronize contacts from HubSpot to Aivie
  • Synchronize a contact from a campaign to HubSpot when a certain status is reached. For example, when the contact views a certain product on the website.
  • Synchronize the contact to HubSpot when submitting a form. For example, if the contact adjusts their contact details.
  • Synchronize contacts from Aivie to HubSpot when a certain lead score is reached

For example, the sales team can work in HubSpot CRM while the marketing team works in Aivie. Contact data is always maintained in HubSpot. And the leads are shared with HubSpot or the sales team when events (triggers) are reached.

Steps to connect Aivie with HubSpot

  1. Create a private app in HubSpot
  2. Insert access token for Aivie in the HubSpot plugin
  3. The configuration of the HubSpot plugin Save & Close
  4. Reopen the configuration of the HubSpot plugin
  5. Configure desired fields (incl. user-defined fields) for synchronization

Access rights / scopes

In the HubSpot app, you must configure which areas Aivie has access to. You must grant the following accesses:

  • crm.objects.contacts.write
  • crm.objects.companies.write

Watch the video for instructions on how to link Aivie with HubSpot.

Assign HubSpot fields in Aivie

Some basic fields are already pre-assigned. We would also recommend assigning the following fields:

Assign contacts

CompanyPrimary Company
First nameFirst name
Job TitlePosition
Last nameLast name
Last Activity DateDate last active
Website URLWebsite

Assign company

Company nameCompany name
Website URLWebsite


  • Changes to Aivie contacts are only synchronized to HubSpot when they are explicitly called up via a campaign, a form or a trigger. This means that the changes made in Aivie may be overwritten by HubSpot with the next regular synchronization. Regular synchronization can be deactivated in the plugin settings.
  • If HubSpot Sales Stages do not exist in Aivie, they will be created during synchronization.

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