How do I build a newsletter follow-up Campaign?

Campaignare central to contact management, to your marketing efforts, and to drive sales. A Campaign can send messages to all contacts in the segment or to a subset you specify. You can set whether the Campaign sends the message once or at a recurring interval. Learn more about the different Campaignhere.

What preparations are needed for the creation of a Campaign and a short overview of the Campaign, you can see in the linked articles.


Now we are building a newsletter follow up Campaign:

  1. Select your newsletter contact segment here to select the desired contacts for this Campaign.
    To test the Campaign, you can store your test segment here.
    Launch Aivie Campaign Builder
  2. Now click on the plus sign in the gray dot to add an event.
    Create Aivie Campaign Event
  3. Select the action event to send an email.
    Aivie Campaign Select Event
  4. Search the action “Send e-mail”.
  5. Under “Email to be sent” link your created email and under “Perform this operation” you can set after how many days, minutes, hours the email should be sent or schedule the email for a specific time.
    FAQ Support Aivie time setting during campaign
  6. Now you can attach more follow up emails in the same style.
  7. Finally, save your Campaign and test it with your test segment. Small tip: You can shorten any waiting times for the test.


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