How can you integrate with Aivie?

Here you can learn how to link Aivie with How to create a profile to use your appointment link in your automated emails in Aivie.

Create a profile on

  1. Create your profile on
  2. For more information, see the documentation

Activate on Aivie

  1. You can activate in Aivie under the settings > plugin.
  2. Click on the plugin
  3. Click Yes on published to activate the plugin.
  4. Click Save&Close
  5. If the plugin is activated, you can enter the webhook URL and the Secret
    (will be stored on the site as password) copy
  6. Now integrate your webhook URL from Aivie into
    (you can find this on under the settings > Webhook> New Webhook>integrate the URL and password)
  7. Click Save & Close

Now you can add your appointment URL to your emails and your customers can now book an individual appointment directly through the link.

Include your link in your emails

  1. Create an email
  2. Add your meeting date as a link
  3. When your customers book an appointment, the customer and you receive a confirmation email
  4. In Aivie, an entry with the date of the appointment is automatically added to the contact under Notes
    How can you integrate with Aivie?


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