Marketing Automation Expert Talk Ralf T. Kreutzer

Expert talk with Ralf T. Kreutzer and Sarah Seyr

Marketing automation and value creation: creating value for customers and the marketing team. How do we create value with every interaction? How do others deal with the challenge?

We answer these questions

  • How marketing automation contributes to value creation
  • Fields of application within the marketing funnel – what works and what doesn’t
  • Conveying value with messages that sell
  • How marketing automation is sensibly integrated into processes
  • About any questions you may have afterwards

Expert talk highlights

Short videos on the highlights from the expert talk with Ralf T. Kreutzer and Sarah Seyr.

Marketing automation and value creation

Creating value with marketing automation

Integrating marketing automation into processes

The experts

Ralf T. Kreutzer

  • Kreutzer studied business administration at the University of Mannheim from 1978 to 1983, majoring in marketing, organization and psychology.
  • He is a key note speaker at national and international conferences on various marketing topics, such as “Dialog Marketing”, “Strategic Marketing Management”, “Digital Brand Management/Digital Branding”, “Digital Transformation” and “Artificial Intelligence”.
  • As an expert, he has already published more than 50 books and written over 200 articles for various specialist journals and readers.

Sarah Seyr

Marketing Automation Workshop with Dr Sarah Seyr
  • Sarah Seyr, Dr. sc. ETH, is a psychologist and expert in digital customer experience and human-machine interaction.
  • She shares her knowledge and experience in personalization and automation with great passion as a lecturer at universities and as a trainer at Linkedin Learning.
  • As Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer of Aivie, she makes marketing automation more personal and customer interactions more valuable.

Answers to all your questions

Download the slides of the expert talk to answer all your questions about marketing automation and value creation.

Download Expert Talk Slides.