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Marketing Automation Canvas

Entwickle eine Strategie und ein Konzept für deine Marketing Automatisierung. Hier bekommst du die Anleitung und den Canvas zum Ausfüllen.

Webinar Marketing Automation

Im 30-minütigen Webinar lernst du die Best Practices für Marketing Automation mit Aivie kennen. Melde dich an für eine geführte Demo.

Marketing Automation Demo

Auf unserem Demo Server kannst du dir selbständig die Möglichkeiten unseres Marketing Automation Tools Aivie erleben. Hol dir Zugang zur Demo.

Lead Generation für Tech Unternehmen

Am Webinar haben wir die Grundlagen zur Lead Generation, Strategien und Best Practices gezeigt. Hier kannst du dir die Slides downloaden.


Recognize intent and learn from touchpoints

Intents are the intentions behind the actions of users and customers. If we know the intention of a contact in a certain situation, in a certain context, we can address the contact with currently relevant content. Intent we recognize in the touchpoint, each touchpoint is thereby a learning opportunity. With marketing automation, suitable content is then placed – completely automatically.

We talked with Björn Nagelmann in #scxtalk about opportunities and the challenges of detecting intents in the context of marketing automation.

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Customer Case: How your website automatically wins customers with Aivie

Our client Falcone Specialities is an international distributor of food ingredients and chemical specialties to the processing industry. The company has been in existence for 10 years and it has made a name for itself with high-quality raw materials. The project resulted in a new website with marketing automation that reflects high-quality standards. With marketing automation, the potential is exploited digitally, leads are generated via the new website, and customers are processed.

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Use content efficiently in automated funnels

Marketing automation is used to address customers and guide them automatically through a sales funnel. Every interaction must offer added value so that customers stick with it and take the next step. This applies to digital customer interactions as well as in-person ones. For this, we need the right content in the right place.

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